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Little Red Riding Hood 

Absolutely amazing, very entertaining, kind and funny professional puppet show - based on Charles Perrault's favorite classic Fairy Tale, but in our own interpretation

The Wolf does not eat the characters, instead he makes friends with Little red Riding Hood

 and the little audience members. They all sing a song about friendship at the end.

Kids will learn how to be caring, loving, kind, polite, generous and friendly

Show filled with color, music and sound effects, changing animated scenery and a velour curtained stage

 professional handmade 8 Puppet Characters

Little Red Riding Hood, Mother, Grandmother, Funny Bunny, Hedgehog Spike, Miss Fox, Little Mice, Wolf Woofy

for Kids ages 3-12 years old

and the entire Family

W E   P R E S E N T

Fancy Party

Dress Collection for Little Girls

right from Little Red Riding Hood

hopefully next show coming after 3rd phase reopening

s t a y   t u n e d

1. Blue Hydrengia Dress .jpg

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